Sacramento Area Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested or charged with any crime call experienced Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer Benjamin Scarfe. I’ve argued many Jury Trials and negotiated favorable outcomes in thousands of Criminal cases in California Courts. My goal is always to get the best result in your case, and keep you out of jail or prison. Call my office today (916) 633-1255 to schedule a Free Consultation.

Criminal Cases

A criminal offense includes any violation of the California Penal Code, Vehicle Code, Health and Safety Code, Business and Professions code, Fish and Game Code, and more. California has many laws, and you can be surprised by how many things are illegal. In almost all criminal cases you will face time in jail or prison, in addition to severe financial and other penalties.

A Felony is any crime that carries more than one year in County Jail. If you’re charged with a Felony, then in most cases you must appear in Court and face the Judge. In most Misdemeanor cases your Criminal Defense Lawyer can go to court without you and act as your representative pursuant to Penal Code 977. Read more about Sacramento Criminal Court Procedure

If you’re arrested call my office and schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss the potential charges against you and your side of what happened. In addition, we’ll discuss the likely defenses and possible outcomes in your case. We’ll also discuss potential costs and fees, and whether we’ll need an investigator or an expert witness. I handle all Criminal cases including: